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The Market


My favorite farmer’s market in Portland is on the South Park Blocks. I love walking on the grass under the cool, shady trees. There’s something so much fresher and vibrant about that setting than the many other markets set up in concrete parking lots under the hot sun. There was one right next to my old apartment, less than a block away, and I still preferred the wonderful shady, tree-sheltered market downtown. Folks in Second Life® can put their markets anywhere they like, so I chose a grassy spot with trees.

My dress is from Bomshire – a new to me store. It is a dress with a simple black top and a vibrant print skirt. I simply love it.
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Boundless Bonds

Damn, that last post of Gidge’s was pure genius and it’s hard to post anything after that, but here goes something that will not be funny or witty, but becuase the dress is so clever, it will be worth your while. Don’t you just love it when designers make their outfits tintable – so your color choice is limited only by your personal taste? That’s what Polina Kaestner did with her corseted dress. The original out of the box look is a white dress with a spice corset – but I tinted the dress to an almost nude peach and the corset to a lovely rosy salmon.

Then I did it in blue. Now to get these colors, I did corset in a color I liked and dragged the color into one of the white squares to save it. Then I opened a dress piece and colored it the same as the corset and then lightened – upping luminescence by 20 points – so they are different shades of the same color.Incidentally, this corset is made for mixing and matching with other outfits.

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