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Gotta-Have-It Hair

I am in love with the Jenna hair from Exile released last weekend. If you can only buy one hair style, this should be it. It’s sexy, new and fresh. It’s superb for photos but not so outre that you cannot wear it running around. As Lil C might say, “It’s buck!”

Hair this hawt needs a a dress that is equally hot and the K.I.T. Rue Cambon dress from Mimikri answers the challenge. It’s a gorgeous black and white tweed with echoes of Chanel chic in the cut and form, but with some of the signature Mimikri boldness with the oversize tweed pattern. It’s design genius that flatters your shape up one side and down the other. Put it together with the bedroomy hair over the shoulder and it’s flaming hot.

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Feeling Partial to Portia

Saschi Vixen of Adam N Eve has just released two new skins, including the vibrant Portia that I am wearing today. She dropped a few promotional copies my way, but when I saw what rich makeups she made, I had to hop over and pick up some more. I have to make special mention of her vendor system, though, because it’s pure genius. First, I recommend joining the group because the vendor discounts 10% for group members. When you select the skin you want, you are offered the chance to keep shopping and make your own custom fat pack. It was simple to use and the combined discount was 33% and being able to custom make a fat pack if fantastic. The first makeup that went into my pack was this Evergreen, because us green-eyed redheads drool over green shadow.

When I first saw the makeup, I knew I wanted to shoot it in the moonlight. It has that luminosity that the moonlight could only enhance. My friend Bhaio Shan had just advised me to check out Noah’s Ark – and when I saw the photo in the landmark, I know it would be perfect so now I just had to choose a dress. This is a great sim for shooting though you can only use huds as you cannot rez.

Well, it may be called the Krisha Sun Dress, but I think it rocked the moonlight. The dress if from ROC and I love the big bold floral print and loved shooting it among the fantastic flowers on the sim.  Now it’s chilly running around in the water in the moonlight – so I added the lovely lace cardigan from Coco. Every piece of this is tintable – and you saw it just the other day in mauve – same cardigan, just tinting away.

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