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Where were you when I needed you?

Remember me writing about my indecision, my running around from sim to sim, all in the effort to find a costume for MDR’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party?  That was just last Friday – but lo, what should appear in my notices window last evening?

It is not that it’s an outfit from Annalee Balut, one of my favorite designers. Or that that outfit is free for the month of August. It is that the name of this outfit is Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  So, i have to ask, Where were you when I needed you? Continue reading

Brrr, it got chilly last night!

In an amazing turnaround, the temperature dropped last night so quickly that I almost turned on my heat. Then I had a conversation with myself that went more of less like this:

Heat in July? Are you nuts? But it’s soooo cold! So put on a sweater, silly! oh, yeah!

Funny how you forget those handy dandy sweaters after you move them into the bottom drawer for the summer. Digging out a sweater in RL prompted me to dig out an SL sweater as well – to prevent any SL goose bumps marring my much beloved new skin from Curio. Continue reading

Puff Goes the Prim Skirt

Yes, another day and an other Gala skin. This is Emerald with vibrant green shadow and luscious red lips. Thankfully there’s enough yellow to the green to make it not look like Christmas meets Face and to make it a good complement to the dress from ALB Dream Fashion. That dress, after the cut, is made with a wonderful puff of a skirt that is so modern in sensibility in contrast to the somewhat retro fabric pattern.

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Colors: Kairo and Curio

Another day, another Gala skin from Curio. This one is Gleam, in the Classic skin tone. It’s a fresh, gleaming makeup with colorful lips and a lovely blush – perfect for a colorful summer outfit like ALB Dream Fashion’s Kairo.

With it I am wearing the adorable Naturalist necklace from Swallowtail and a lovely flower in my hair, also from Swallowtail. Again, you can see how the boldness of Swallowtail is powerful enough for the vibrancy of Annalee Balut’s brilliant textures. This dress has three skirt options – all very different. They are pictured after the cut.

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Bird of Paradise

So, I have seriously fallen for Annalee Balut’s imaginative and lively designs and can’t wait to show you how lovely they are. Here you can see the upper half of her Anna outfit – with three options for the other half – all shown after the cut. Again, I am wearing one of Gala’s magnificent skins – Ivy this time. Like the Doily skin yesterday, this is one you want to wear the demo and zoom so you can see the  magnificent eye makeup. I am wearing Swallowtail’s wonderful Jupiter jewelry and coordinated shoes in green. The boldness of Swallowtail jewelry suits the vibrant ALB Dream Fashion designs.

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How Wild Can It Get?

Wild Eyes like these these for the Classic Doily skin from Curio require an equally wild dress, and I promise you that after the cut, you will see a wild dress – a freebie that you can wear, oh… six, seven maybe more different ways. This skin is one of the outrageously gorgeous and unique skins from Curio that I fell in love with…and it’s Wild! Continue reading

Too Sexy For My Shirt

I have all this lovely lingerie, so how do I show it off without prancing around in my knickers?  This is a partial answer.

Whether loves going to leave me or not, my shirt looks like it’s about to. You know, there were some wonderful finds at the Lingerie Expo, but some of the most exquisite were from ALB Dream Fashion who presented lovely sets with bold prints and patterns. In this photo I am wearing ShuShu though you can only see the bra – peeking through the hanging-on-by-a-thread sheer red blouse from X2 Clothing. Continue reading