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Come To Me: Guest Stylist Phoenix Piek

Phoenix Piek_005.jpg

Phoenix rocks her look, casting a come-hither look over her shoulder.

All I ever wanted was our love to be true
More than just enough to get me by
I want a love to see me through
I don’t need another well-spent night,
Another clever sideways glance
I wanna look my baby in the eye
And know there’s nothing left to chance

Phoenix Piek_004.jpg

Beautifully accessorized by her own jewelry, her shirt may say "Beautiful and Bored" but what her look really says is "don't waste my time"

Well if you’re tired of being lonely, beat up and confused
Darling, there’s only one thing you can do:
Come to me
Don’t be the one who’s waiting
Come to me
Babe, I got what you need
Won’t you come to me
There won’t be no hesitating, babe
I know what you mean to me

Phoenix Piek_008.jpg

Phoenix was shot on location at Cincetta. It's a happy coincidence that the ruins in the background reflect the colors of her outfit.

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<3 Pink & Green

It’s a very sneezy Tuesday morning, so here’s a quick look at a gorgeous top (body suit) from Baiastice with a sculpted tiered skirt from Ce Cubic Effect. The skirt is quite old and when first released, the use of sculpties was still new and exciting. However, it’s so well done it still exemplifies how well sculpties can be done.

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