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And Then I Got a Custom Skin

posted by Gidge Uriza

Gogolita did a piece some time ago about the custom skin available at Soda Skin Designer and when I was at a loss for a “perfect” Christmas skin, I started scrolling through her history to find the piece – I HAD to have the perfect skin. Continue reading

Cursed Stones Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

posted by Gidge Uriza

Abraxxa Anatine of Earthstones is one of my favorite jewelry designers on the grid, so when she gave me the opportunity to review her Tokon Chained cuffs and collar I knew which stones I’d wear.

October’s Cursed Stone – OPAL.

Roman tradition says that if you aren’t born in October, you will be CURSED for wearing this stone.  Having been BORN in October, I do like to rock the opals whenever I can – just to flaunt it at the jewelry gods and their silly rules.

Who knew the Romans had jewelry gods, anyway? Continue reading

Who Needs Another Prim Skirt and Tank Top Combo?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Well…….I do.

Casual wear in our world consists of pants and tops or skirts and tops – just like RL. So yeah, it can get tiresome to see tank after tank after tank paired with this or that. Which is where patterns and textures come in so nicely.

For me, this ensemble at SHAMELESS was an easy sell, the skirt is simple and unobtrusive (prims skirts have to be eye-catchingly brilliant or very simple in my opinion) and the top is a fun print. Continue reading

The 7vanth Sign

posted by Gidge Uriza

I am notorious for buying cute clothes and then either forgetting about them for months OR for not being able to remember WHERE I bought them. I’m ashamed to admit I only learned a few months ago to check the clothes CREATOR and I could usually track them down. I don’t know why I never applied this skill to clothing – I KNEW it worked for objects. Who knows – I’m mostly blonde.

Not today obviously, but mostly. Continue reading

Bubblegum Lip Smacker – (And the Best Freebie Earrings in SL)

posted by Gidge Uriza

Maht was DJing at the Garage one night and at a loss for what to wear, I pulled together some oldies and newbies for a fun club ensemble. The skin I picked up at the Velvet Heart hunt on Bianca’s new shopping sim just reminded me too much of the days of slathering my lips with bubblegum lip gloss.

The kind that actually tastes good.  Continue reading