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Walking in a KittyCats Winterland


Oh yes, the season is upon us. That wonderful season of peace on earth, goodwill toward man (so long as he isn’t between you and the two dollar waffle iron). In Second Life, it’s the season for the Peace on Earth Hunt, advent calendars and wintry sims full of joy and generosity. Today the Peace on Earth Hunt begins with over 200 participating stores crafting delightful surprises that they have cleverly hidden in their stores. Because it’s such a massive hunt, stores were required to place the hunt item within 40m of the sign and hints are provided on the official blog, so rest assured that you can make your way through the hunt while still keeping the wonderful seasonal spirit of joy and celebration.

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Could it be Klee?

I love a nice print – and this gorgeous little dress from Abia Capalini Design is just exactly the sort of fun little print that makes my heart go pitter-patter. It reminds me of some Klee painting and I just love it. The shoes are favorites that you have seen many times, the Belles from Shiny Things.

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