We started this blog to highlight clothes and designs we like – from celebrated and well-known to new and unknown designers. Our tastes are catholic. We also show that you can expand your clothing choices by mixing and matching different outfits. Fashion is more versatile and fun if we don’t always just wear everything in a folder, but mix and match for different and unique looks.

We are willing and interested in highlighting new designs, but cannot guarantee we will blog every item. Some items get heavily covered when they are released and one more post would be boring. Sometimes we just don’t get to them quickly and may highlight them at a later date. Sometimes we will mix the item with another outfit to show its versatility, particularly if it’s been heavily covered. Some items just won’t suit our tastes our our avatars’ appearance.

Official It’s Only Fashion bloggers are Gidge Uriza, Cajsa Lilliehook, Achariya Maktoum, Gala Caproni, Olela Parx, Tristan Elan, and Hybie Minx (Hybrid Ansar). On hiatus: Kelly Hanley and Hatchy Mills. Anyone else claiming to blog for It’s Only Fashion is misrepresenting their affiliation – a violation of Second Life Terms of Service and should be reported.

10 thoughts on “Designers”

  1. im from srilanka….am a new comer to the fashion n photograpy….help me 2 improve wid ma talents,,thanx

  2. Hi , there. Hope you doing good I like yourn blog so much.
    I got a question if i send you a pick form me can you make one of those dolls kind like look like me and with good fashion style?
    thanks so much

  3. I’m delighted to know that you able to review new shop in Second Life. I myself is a new fashion designer in Second Life, and I would like you to review my shop.
    I do not own a shop in Second Life, I sell my products through XStreetSL and I promote them through my blog. Please visit for a quick glance of my clothes. You can IM or email me if you are interested in an item, then I will gladly send them to you.
    If my products does not interest you in any way, I would understand that you don’t review them. But many thanks to you for reviewing them.

    Best Regards,
    Eve Dominica.

  4. Hi there,
    I’ve spent the last 10 minutes just reading a few of your articles. I tend to be very picky and not really like many fashion sites but I enjoyed yours and so I felt the need to share it with you!
    Amazing job & keep it up! I started a fashion site as well, so if you have a minute check it out and let me know if you have any advise :)


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