This blog is made to be a fun project where we share our fashion finds. We are having fun showcasing outfits and designs we like.


Sadly, some people have posted false allegations against some of the creators of fashions we have worn. In each case, the allegation was that the creator copied an element of or was inspired by someone else’s creation (in one example, an item in a real life catalog) – which even if true would not be content theft, a specific illegal act involving taking someone else’s actual files and work.

Symbiotic inspiration has been the fuel of fashion design and innovation for centuries. Seeing some embellishment that you like and incorporating it into your creation in new and different ways is part of fashion tradition. That people don’t know that is sad; that they then make false and public accusations of theft against creators is shameful and reckless.

People’s reputations are damaged more easily than they are repaired and people remember the initial scandals more than they remember how they are resolved. Therefore, all posts alleging content theft will be deleted. There are other blogs where these issues are discussed and they can carry their complaints there. But this blog is for fun and fashion, not a forum for slander.


Photos are not retouched to obscure or disguise flaws in clothing or skins. You will see our wonky joints and elbows and the like. However, photos are cropped and the lighting is adjusted. Windlight settings are also used to make more dramatic photos from time to time or to simulate weather and outdoor lighting variations. Sometimes we get a little inspired and put a layer on it to make it look old and scratched or to give it an artsy feeling. It still will not fix clothing problems.


This is not a review blog. It’s a blog by fashion enthusiasts about their enthusiasm. We may mention a quibble here or there, but rest assured, we don’t have the time to blog stuff we dislike. Some items are given to us  by designers in hopes that we will like them and show them on our blog. Often we do like them and we do blog them. We do not get paid to blog. Although we have advertising, it is a free perk for our bloggers, not paid advertising. We hope you can see through our work that our enthusiasm is genuine. We are too vain to wear something we dislike just because someone gave us a promotional copy.  If you think our opinions can be bought by a few promotional items, we reserve the right to think you are silly. We would be much more expensive than that. We would need a sim or two, at the very least.


We have a page of SLurls to most of the stores we blog. We occasionally post a SLurl for a store that is new to us, but generally speaking believe our readers can find the items quite easily using our SLurls page or the search function.  We do try to keep SLurls up to date but stores move. If something is wrong, please let us know.

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