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Rockberry – A Full Review Including Nakie Bits

Rockberry is a skin from my long ago past that I was excited to get a chance to look at via SKIN FAIR this year. I remember long ago, them participating in a hunt or an event and liking them enough to go back shopping. This was before the grid was plagued by nonstop events, of course.

This will be a full review with body shots after the cut.

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Popcorn Is The Color Of My Love

There is a new gorgeous, delicate, set of lingerie at Adam n Eve that is a must have for you girls who collect lingerie like some people pick up lint.

I meant that like a good thing. Hmmmmm. ANYWAY. I was a little excited because her colors have names that make sense. Popcorn = soft yellow/cream color LIKE POPCORN. It never fails to vex me when I want to put something on and the color is TEQUILA. WHAT THE HELL COLOR IS TEQUILA ?

A delicate, elegant lingerie set, this new release also includes appliers for you not so delicate wearers of the big ass and paste on boobies. They have names but I can’t even remember them. If you wear them you know what I mean. So this lingerie will be suited for ladies of all kinds of butt and boob size.

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I Started Out So Artsy

I was cruising a spot I’d seen on Honour McMillan’s blog and taking those “I’m fancy and standing in this place where I don’t belong, LOOK ON ME” sort of photos, when my friend London (whom I’d been chatting with) said “HEY YOU GOT A BAR!” and I realized, she’d popped over to my house.

You can’t imagine how quickly I TP’d out to join her at my silly, cluttered home. Continue reading

Never Drink Alone

Trompe Loeil has released a home pub for FAMESHED this round and I had this huge spot left where my Christmas tree was, and well, HOME PUB! You understand right? I NEEDED it! Continue reading

I Need A Ding Dang Chair

I have made the Arcade Yard Sale rounds and I have to say, I’ve very nearly got everything I want. I’m not THAT needy, I don’t have to have them ALL of anything, and there are some rares that elude me. I won’t pay much more than pull price though – so you see, it’s tough for me to complete a set because so many people jack up the prices so high.

For instance, the chair for the amazing Apple Fall set. Continue reading

Saturday Morning Photobomb Cat

I was ecstatic to the point of ridiculous that Mudhoney released MUMS for Fifty Linden Friday yesterday. If you aren’t from the US – mums are the official herald of fall.  I’ve started my fall decorating, adding the rocker just released from What Next and now the mums. YAY for fall decorating!

My cat, my FIRST cat, Snake Plisskin is so glad to be out of the his Inventory Kennel. He follows me around everywhere and would not let me take a photo without him. He’s a very spoiled pretend cat.

I have such a hectic schedule today though, I have to grab a cup and RUN because both lives are completely booked full. Continue reading

Love Donna Flora Ends In A Few Hours

As I was getting ready for an evening in, I realized I haven’t reminded you that LOVE DONNA FLORA ends and I mean within HOURS! There is still time to get amazing gorgeous items to help out our friend Squinternet as she battles cancer.

I’m wearing beautiful lingerie from Luxuria for the event, and sexy, girly bedroom slippers from SLink.  Perfect for sexy evenings in, like I have planned. My skin is also for the event from PXL Creations. It’s a gorgeous, femme look with soft features.  Continue reading

Let Me Introduce You To AUGUST FLUX Round

The FLUX Event this month is a Tiki Trailer park kitsch theme that is irresistible. The shopping kiosks are located on the various sandbar islands and up the hill in the trailers overlooking the whole build.

It’s a bloggers paradise with lots of great vignettes waiting for you to take pics of island and beachy themed fun, plus there are lots of goodies from props to clothes and more that I’m enjoying this round.

Dead Dolls has released a very simple but perfect summer sundress that happens to coordinate awesomely both in style and tone with the cherry red heels BOOM released at COLLABOR88 this month (PS ENDING SOON in case you didn’t go). Continue reading

I Traveled To Tokyo With Flowers In My Hair

I wanted to go shopping somewhere new, so I put in SHOPPING MALL into SEARCH.

After wading through a bunch of places that had keywords shopping, shopping mall, big shopping mall, best shopping mall, shopping mall of the shopping, etc etc etc I found someplace that looked interested, said it was anime themed and I didn’t have anything better to do so I popped over. Continue reading

I Hired a Personal Assistant Fairy

I decided that it was high time I too acknowledged how fancy and important I was by getting myself a personal assistant in SL. However, I didn’t want one I would pay a pittance and then would be responsible for answering customer NCs if they came in, and for reminding me to make items for events.

No, I wanted on that would be at my beck and call 24/7 and who would make things appear that I wanted, for no other reason than because I was dreaming of them in RL. I wanted someone with MAGIC.

So, I got myself a fairy. Continue reading