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A little bit country


I grew up in the country and live in a city. I have enjoyed the benefits and put up with the inconveniences of both rural and urban life and in the end, I choose the city. Still, there are times I miss the country. Listening to some neighbor’s car alarm last night, random noises from vehicles, police alarms and a band practicing loud enough to disturb but too quietly to be enjoyed – I longed for the rhythmic lapping of the waves on the shore with the hum of crickets punctuated by frogs and the laughter of loons. So, I went to the country in SL today – with a romper from Peqe (at the Liaison Collaborative) and a cozy jacket from sheep door that I picked up at Japan Fair.
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MiaMai’s Monica Outlander has just released her Luxe collection for spring. It includes a dress, top, pants, jumpsuit and long skirt with items coordinated to mix and match. Items include a HUD that allows you to choose the belts, ribbons and other embellishments so you can coordinate tops with skirts and pants easily. I am wearing the Kalia top with the Anya skirt and chose the ribbon to coordinate with the skirt’s print. Each item comes in solids in cotton and silk and in a range of prints. I love the thought that went into the print and color coordination. Speaking of color coordination, check out the gorgeous gold-tip mani/pedis from FLAIR for Cosmetics Fair.

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Cute flowers, not creepy flowers

Whimsy's garret (4)

Happy Sunday! I was seduced by all the pastel cuteness at My Attic, and especially Whimsy’s cool WinxBox, made specially for the event. I played happily in it for a while last night, enjoying all of the sit positions and different wall textures. It suited the My Attic theme, which was “Flowers in my attic.” Luckily this was interpreted literally (flowers on things, including hair and pants) instead of metaphorically. There were no incestuous relationships or abusive grandparents for sale (did you know that the book has a drinking game?). More photos, including Jackal’s elegantly lacy Slink add-on pumps for The Boutique, behind the cut.

Whimsy's garret (3)

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Trespassing – The SL HOME DECOR TOUR Part 1

Tymmerie Thorne has coordinated a virtual tour of homes, to inspire us, to allow us to ooo and ah over the amazing ways the creations of Second Life are put together, and frankly to perv cam people’s bedrooms. Cuz you know, wockachickawockchickawockchicka.

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An Avatar After Work

I’m officially moved in. I picked up Sophie from Auntie Inventory. She’s been visiting there for a while, she really loves it – Auntie Inventory HAS EVERYTHING.  I decided that after a day full of being a fashion blogger and walking around looking pretty, there was nothing for it but to sit on the porch, gaze at the sea and have some wine.

That solves all life’s stresses, I’m pretty sure.

It seems like a big place to have all to myself, and making dinner just for me would be lonely, but Cajsa has moved in to be my neighbor! I’m SO excited that after all these years we’ll be within cup of sugar borrowing distance! Continue reading

Colors bleeding everywhere

Oubliette at noon

I ponder that I am such a recluse in SL because the second I want to be somewhere, RL happens. For example, I would’ve really wanted to be at Squinternet’s gathering this morning at 9 SLT in order to listen to my friends talk about her, and honor her memory. Instead, I was driving my kid between violin and ballet, yep, the normal Saturday routine. It made me wonder how many SLers feel my pain — I suspect that many of us take up SL because it slides neatly around all of our other commitments. Health issues; work all day (at home or elsewhere); look after children/a child at night; head into SL to decompress…

Speaking of which, this pink jacket (fashionably Dead at C88) absolutely makes me decompress. It was brighter than the leaves of Oubliette, which is pretty amazing, considering. I’m still camped out in the sim, soaking in its beautiful glow. There’s a rumor that the sim might be looking to lease to few good vendors or residents — if you find the sim as lovely as I do and are looking for a place to call home (or sell your work), contact Elizabeth Tinsley in-world via notecard.

More photos and credits behind the cut. Also, look how cute Gidge looks in these stretchy pants!

This jacket is green if you look away from it (1)

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The Drama Train Never Stops On Sunday

There is something to be said for Sundays away from the computer. You miss a lot of name calling and raging and shenanigans. It seems like, on Sundays, our friends are unable to defend themselves and require us to rage against people that they may or may not be mad at. It also seems like, everything and everyone can’t just like, don’t worry be happy.

I however, opt for the latter. I made jello. Jello is, in my belief, one of the finest treats around. I am considering making something that I am told Australians love, Fairy Bread. I don’t know yet, that’s a maybe. Continue reading

I Moved To Government Housing

My Linden Home - Welcome to 104 - the Boo Haus


It’s true. I have moved into a Linden Home – albeit probably temporarily.

Remember when they came out? And it was like wow, you can put one decent sofa in there and maybe a table and then you are out of prims? Well, with mesh, that’s all changed. I did some very cursory shopping – but my first pass at living a more modest lifestyle has begun, we’ll see how it suits me. Continue reading

Christmas comes to New York

My Barnesworth Anubis NYC Skybox Apartment, that is! This has to be my favorite skybox yet by Mr. Anubis. I fell in love with his skyboxes when I bought one at Collabor88 a while back and now I have a kind of crazy fascination with them.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my holiday decorations and I thought I would share with you….

NY Apt 3

Nothing is better than spending the day relaxing by a fire after working so hard to put all those decorations out….
More after the cut….
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