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Merry Christmas, Heidi Volare!

Heidi Volare_006

Heidi Volare may be familiar to blog readers as the author of The Fashionable Heart, but she graces us today as Guest Stylist. She has an easy, casual style that ranges from jeans and t-shirt to super-sexy club dresses, or as she referred to it, “the hoochie.” I don’t know, myself, I think she looks a bit too elegant for hoochie. She’s the perfect femme fatale.

Heidi Volare_001

Everybody knows that femme fatales haunt moody, eccentric and atmospheric nightclubs, so we went to Flashman’s, where Art Deco meets idiosyncrasy and one can imagine a thousand stories. I can imagine the “Lost Generation” idling here while arguing the finer points of  a sentence or Weimar Republic spies passing maps or world-class thieves planning their next caper around the hookah.

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Merry Christmas, Mae Tabak

Mae Tabak

I did not know our blog was read by goblins, but it is. One of them even volunteered as guest stylist with all her goblin-ey goodness. So, gracing our pages again is the ungrinchified goblin Mae Tabak. According to the Uncyclopedia, Goblins like boggy areas so I thought it the fens at Zone might be a good place to shoot so we headed off to Zone where the giants walk. I figured if they got feisty, having a goblin around might be an asset. Mae was seasonally festive in a red and black dress from Sn@tch – the store where all the most discerning goblins shop. The textures are rich and the dress has those details that show care and imagination like the row of embellishment right under the bodice and the gracefully curving lines that flatter.

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Merry Christmas KymSara


KymSara Rayna is our guest stylist today. I first met KymSara in-world at Ivalde where she works as a customer service representative and has for a very long time. I have come to appreciate her generosity with praise and comments on Flickr.  She dresses with a classic and simple elegance which is epitomized by the outfit she chose for this post.
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Merry Christmas, Reverie!


Reverie Boucher is a blog reader whom I met when she im’ed me with some good suggestions for outfits I might like to blog and introduced me to a store she liked in Second Life. Since then we have become friends and I have come to appreciate her suggestions as she has a great style of her own. Like me, she is happy to mix and match and showed that it todays’s outfit, taking the top of one dress from Baiastice and mixing it with a skirt to great effect.


The bold black lace and silver lines in this outfit made me want to shoot in China, though that alpha-ridden environment holds challenges for photos, but eventually everything was under control. Especially after she put on these hot shoes from N-Core!
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The Music Man

My next guest stylist on It’s Only Fashion is DJ Anubis Darkwatch who apparently owns every song ever meant to be streamed in SL. Event after event after event you’ll see his name popping up as a featured DJ. Dubstep? 80s Night? Disco? DISNEY Dubstep? Retro industrial metal as covered by the Pixies in a basement in Prague? No matter, Anubis is spinning and socializing. Continue reading