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Gidge’s Fast Five 5.23.13: Posts You Need To See Before You Die

GidgeFast Five Ok ok I’m being a bit extreme. But I do like what I found this morning. I actually had a theme in mind and as ALWAYS when I have a theme it goes straight to hell and then I don’t get it done but serendipity shines down on me and I find other things.

1. Come on lets GO: I have an intense need to HAVE a summer this summer and this photo looks like everything I want to do. Now if only I could get into that bikini. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: May 18th 2013

GidgeFast Five Happy Saturday my lovelies! I have some wonderful nuggest of fashion, wisdom, fun and whimsy for you today. I hope your Saturday is beautiful and that you never once have to look upon an ugly soul. If you do, I hope you have a fancy coffee to make it all go away.

1. Honour McMillan has a very serious business proposition that will likely take her away from us to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I bet she’ll be buying silk underwear and putting weights in the hems of her skirts like royalty before we know it. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: May 10th Friday Night Is Alright Edition

GidgeFast Five Well it’s Friday Night and if you didn’t already do your FLF shopping shame on you the clock is ticking. But if you’re done, I’ve got some other good things to show you before you head out to dance the night away or whatever it is your digital world holds.


1. Last Chance: Wedding Season is upon us in both worlds. I thought the little purse was a lovely touch. I used to wear wedding dresses to combat role play sims. True story. I wonder why I’ve always struggled with role play? Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: May the Fourth Be With You Edition

GidgeFast Five We are getting over three inches of rain today where I am in RL. THREE INCHES. I am lucky that I live high on a ridge, those zombies down in Atlanta will all drown or float away and all this walking dead business will be solved. But until then, I thought I’d bring you a fast five.

1. Gothic Maid Doll: I love this first picture. Does she have an egg hanging out of her mouth? Seriously, I was torn between giggling and ooooing because of the gorgeous tones of this photo. It’s a great costumed or role play look. I’m not sure WHAT you’d role play in it but that’s your business. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five: April 25 – Avatars Doing Things and Going Places

GidgeFast Five
Today I am focusing on avatars doing my favorite things – being out in the grid and living their second existence.


1. Owlfit 336: Despite her pics being bigger than they are supposed to be for the feed – they are cute pics so I forgive her.  I love the sassy look, a cute casual out and about on a hot day styling. I want to go to this cafe and order pie now. Continue reading

Gidge’s Fast Five April 18th

GidgeFast Five I was scrolling through the feeds this morning while drinking my coffee and realized I’d noted two posts to look at later for shopping, therefore I was almost to a fast five. Thus, I bring you the Fast Five from Gidge inspired by my morning coffee shopping time.

1. The Blues-Ish The gradient blue in this picture caught my eye immediately. I love FreeStyle and still use it as a catalog of places to shop that provide quality free or inexpensive items.

2. Beautiful Life:  I only like poses that appear to be mid-motion. I’m weird like that. Sam Laszlo’s post has some great pics that truly look like avatars caught mid-joy. Love the looks too. Continue reading