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A Nip in the Air


There’s a nip in the air today that asks for a big, comfy sweater. And you can find just the thing at Zenith for the With Love Hunt. This is a nice, tunic sweater with a beautiful snowflake pattern on the bottom. It also comes with a big woolen scarf to wrap around your neck that is edged with round puffballs of yard. The scarf even has a color change HUD to let you choose among the different colors in the sweater to coordinate. It’s not cold enough, though, to haul out the scarf today.

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Restless Nights

I made a run through a few stops on the WITH LOVE HUNT, and this nightshirt went right to the top of my hunting list, because I’m a sucker for PJs in SL. I must always have PJs. PJs plus slippers? WINNER! Continue reading

Make Mine a Latte


You can get some fabulous wardrobe basics for just 10 L at DCNY for the With Love Hunt. This ruffled top is packaged with four colors – black, grey, taupe and tan – and comes with ruffled cap sleeves that I removed to wear with the jacket from Hucci. The jacket has classic styling and was offered at Collabor88 earlier this year. The skirt is out now at faMESHEd and is from NYU. It comes in several bold colors.

I love coffee and I especially love a super-strong espresso latte. I used to live right across from Grand Central Bakery where they made amazing pastries and fabulous lattes. However, their latte expertise was highly developed for me. Whenever I ordered a latte, their barista would ask, “Dry or wet?” and I would stand there confused by my banal assumption that a latte would by definition be wet. It turns out that there is a difference. A wet latte has more steamed milk than foam while a dry latter has more foam than steamed milk. Funny thing, though, I cannot really taste the difference.

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The Best Color in the World


“The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you.”
Coco Chanel

I thought of that quote when I saw the wonderfully rich, saturated colors in the new leggings from MichaMi, because I think all of them would look good on me. Alas and alack, I had to choose and opted for this rich brick red, one of my favorite colors.  She made the leggings to coordinate with a colorful print top that she also produced in a range of colors that show her mastery of putting color together.

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The Little Details


Yves Saint-Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” The Ingenue pencil skirt I am wearing is a testament to that truth. Introduced by Christian Dior in the 1940s, the pencil skirt is over seventy years old. The details, though, are what make this pencil skirt serve both fashion and style. The row of small round buttons up the banded high waist are the kind of details you look for when you want something fashionable and eternal.

Speaking of details, the top I am wearing comes from a dress released by Les Petits Details for the With Love Hunt that opens tomorrow.  The French Dress from LPD has a short mini-skirt and a fabric bow, but I was in the mood for something longer and sleeker.

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You Should Do the Harvest Hunt


Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like hunting for things. Not in RL or SL. I have labeled folders in both lives, labeled drawers and a place for everything and everything in its place. Even my clothes are hung in the closet in ROYGBIV order so I NEVER HAVE TO HUNT for things. So, when I think something is worth hunting for, you can count on it being worthy. And believe me, the skirt from Bilo for the Harvest Hunt is worth hunting for.


It was so worthy it motivated me to get out of my box and go look for a setting as pretty as it is. I found Water Horse. I think it’s worthy.
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