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Bacteria Free Second Life

0404_003A cold has been kicking my butt for six weeks now. I think it is almost gone and BAM! it’s back stronger than ever. That makes me so grateful for the relatively bacteria-free world of Second Life. You can get a cold in Second Life, but you have to buy it and you can take it off the minute you are sick of sneezing. I was sick of sneezing about a month ago and would love to detach that gesture right this minute.

Meanwhile, the lovely cardigan dress from Gizza is keeping me warm. I added the pencil skirt from League because the dress was a tad short for my taste. The dress comes with a HUD that allows you to change both the dress and the cardigan with three options each. Gizza made this dress in 4 iterations, floral, boho, hippie and solids and each and every one is irresistible.  Continue reading

I Relay…. Do You?

I relay for many people in my life… my mother, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin and numerous friends … some who have won… some who are losing… and some who have lost to this evil enemy we call CANCER.  I will be participating in an event next Saturday – a date auction to benefit Relay for Life.  Located at the Balboa Theatre.  If you want more information or an auction form, please stop by my shop, Flutterby Tattoo’s.  And consider dropping a few Lindens in the RFL kiosk while you are there… I Relay… do you?
I Relay-a
turn the page for more….
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What’s Not To Love ?

My new home from Alouette comes with the huge wrap around porch of my RL dreams.   After I got pixel Gidge ready for her very packed day of shopping she decided that ordering some breakfast up was exactly in order.  She has her own mind most days. Luckily, I live on an island that has everything and it was nothing to get some coffee to go sent over and some waffles.

It makes me not really mind the storm rolling in for the day. Continue reading

The Arcade Sent Me On Vacation

Well I got a new little dog. I might be into collecting little dogs now. With the Arcade feeding my cute things addiction this weekend it’s hard to say WHERE the madness will stop. But I’ve set up a little campsite with my new Tres Blah trailer and outdoor goodies, and the doggie and me are on vacay! Continue reading

The Light

The MiaMai Bridal Collection is out and inspiring me to try out Quicktime’s new built in screen capture film-making. Monica Outlander of MiaMai has found inspiration in the new materials option and her inspiration and craft are really shown to great effect in this gown where the shine and shimmer of materials add luster and glimmer and subtle shading. It’s a gorgeous gown that inspired me to run over to Memento Mori to shoot some pictures that might capture some of the magic in her gown. The song is Sara Bareilles’ The Light because light is so much a part of the experience of wearing this dress – and of Memeto Mori.


Not the little dusting of pink in the light.

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My Calendar is Changing


I stopped off at the memorial garden for Squint the other day. I have been thinking about Squint (Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora) a lot lately. I agreed to organize Fashion For Life, the fashion fundraising event for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. I am sure I was asked because of my role organizing Love Donna Flora on her behalf last year. Like most of us, cancer has impinged on my life in many ways and continues to do so.

Right now, my niece is struggling with a particularly virulent form of cancer that has her driving 340 miles to the Mayo Clinic several times a month. A friend and former colleague is flying from Portland to Philadelphia for an experimental cancer vaccine treatment. Who knew cancer came with frequent flyer miles? Another friend’s father just learned Monday that his prostate cancer has not responded as they has hoped and he must try another treatment regimen. Last month yet another cousin died of cancer and I won’t even begin to count the losses in my extended family. My cousins number in the hundreds – so yeah, I don’t even want to start counting.


I do not know how senior citizens do it. I am far away from that demographic and already my calendar is changing from one that was almost nothing but birthdays and wedding anniversaries to an ever-growing collection of anniversaries of loss. And too many of those losses are due to cancer.

Fashion For Life Registration is Open

That is just one of the many reasons why I support Fashion For Life and through it, the American Cancer Society whose programs not only research better treatments, but advocate for prevention, early detection, provide support to people living with cancer all while focusing on the long term goal of ending this global scourge that takes over 8 million people a year. Whether as a designer or a shopper, you can make a difference. Please go to the Fashion For Life web site and mark your calendars for June 7th – 20th.

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Standing on the shores of the cosmic ocean


The theme for Collabor88 this month is Supernova with a cosmic rainbow of brilliant colors at home in any nebula you care to park your starship. Milk Motion delivers a cosmic jacket paired with brilliant tuxedo pants at home in any galaxy.

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Back to LEA29


I headed back to LEA29 to see the completed art exhibit by FreeWee Ling before it disappears. You should go quickly. Set your graphics to high with the shadows turned to Sun, Moon & Projectors – as most of the exhibit is an exploration of projectors and the light and shadows they cast.


While I focused on the black and white elements, there is a lot of color in the installation – particularly from light projectors.

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Like a House Needs a Door


The post title has no relationship with my photos, but it seemed a good companion to Gidge’s post today. There’s a song called House Without a Door, a jazz instrumental, but the mood of this song is more in sync with Pharrell’s Happy.

My dress today needed a stunning setting, so I headed over the The Chamber Society’s new dance club, The Sable Club. In keeping with the rest of the village, it’s a Jazz Age venue rich with period detail. My dress is more modern, in particular when seen from behind where its dangerously low back is revealed.


The dress is from Delirium Style – a special release for The Style Icon, a fashion fair organized by Legal Insanity honoring the icons of fashion past and present. I am looking forward to seeing who inspired the designers and how they interpret and reimagine their inspiration.

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Isle of Mousai


I went to the Isle of Mousai to shoot the pictures for my last blog post. It is a live music venue and also a brilliant setting for photography. Billing itself as a place for music and romance, I can definitely see its appeal as a fun and funky place to go. I think my biggest complaint was the left/right distribution of the tables on the sidewalk here – which meant I had to meander from left to right to walk by them. No problem on a quiet sim, but I wonder how easy it is when the sim is full of music lovers.
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