Listening to Santino Rice singing “It’s Only Fashion” to Andre – when so clearly fashion meant the world to the two of them – was one of the funniest moments of television of all time. So, in the spirit of Santino Rice, let’s say “it’s only fashion.”

Cajsa Lilliehook began her working life in SL cleaning up prim trash at a club. She later founded MDR Photo Studio with Maht Wuyts and It’s Only Fashion with Gidge Uriza. A blog addict, she spends most of her time on It’s Only Fashion. She also writes for AVENUE Magazine and Shopping Cart Disco. Other projects include Blogging Second Life, The A to Z of Fashion Writing and Single Serving Recipes. Her goal is to win the internet. In her spare time, she DJs at The Velvet. Her real life is spent in servitude to a black and white cat named Oscar. 

Gidge Uriza is the former Island Director of Vicious Island, an experienced events manager and hostess and PR specialist. She also works as a photographer for MDR Studio. She is the owner of Pretense – a pose shop you can find on Marketplace. She loves parties, fashion and her husband, Silo and her adorable children. She spends a lot of time thinking about Wang. She also loves adventure and plans to hike the Appalachian Trail – though you know what that means nowadays. 

Gala Caproni: One of the original members of Pussy Riot, Gala fled to the US to avoid arrest. She has been hiding in SL since 2007 and soon discovered that she had a knack for photography and throwing a semi decent look together.  She began blogging my own looks of the day early on. Responding to a call for bloggers to join IOF, she joined IOF in 2010.  She loves wandering and documenting through photography the gorgeous work that others do when landscaping/building their worlds.  She is the owner and designer at Flutterby Tattoo’s and Flutterby Photography Services.

Achariya Mahktoum is either a petite brunette lolita styled faun or a tall blonde surfer boy, depending on her mood. Her former blog at achariya.net was often honored on people’s lists of favorites. Achariya says she is honored to write at It’s Only Fashion because Gidge and Cajsa are style icons and she only hopes some of our verve and flair rub off. We have now vowed to spend zero time with her, lest she discover we are dorks. Achariya has retired from blogging, but we are delighted that she stops by with a post from time to time.

Olela Parx is a cosmopolitan purpleholic fashionista  from a different time and place. Clumsy daydreamer, most of the time she pretends to be sober (…). As in RL, she likes exploring the fashion world in all its different shades ‘cause she thinks there’s always something “shiny” hidden somewhere and, once you’ve found it, it’s fun! Olela already runs a fashion blog about bargains and stuff she finds interesting. She writes in Italian. Why? Maybe because……she’s Italian!?!?! Haha! One thing you may not know about Olela, is that she is currently digging a tunnel into the Vatican – keeping her occupied and so busy it’s been ages since she blogged. 

Hybie Mynx is a successful shape-maker with the store Savoir Faire Shapes. She also has a popular travel blog called Avatars in Motion. Known for coming to gallery openings in her lingerie, Hybie has single-handedly recruited more delivery men into Second Life than any other avatar. 

Till Hapmouche is an international avatar of mystery. Hapmouche, Till Hapmouche, prefers martinis shaken, not stirred and adventurous living. Illustrating the best of men’s fashion, Till adds a missing element to It’s Only Fashion, intrigue and adventure. That most of Till’s spy adventures consist of reconnaissance of Best Buy in search of a secret spy base is unfortunate. Someone needs to tell Till that’s the wrong store. 

Dove Swanson is a former pose-maker and current scholar. Having closed her popular pose store, Long Awkward Pose, to focus on her college career, she still pops in from time to time to say hi. Dove’s common sense approach to life is a recurring theme in all her lives, including her past life as an Italian minister who successfully ended The War of the Bucket by singing all the verses of “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It.”

Mouse Mimistrobell is a skilled Second Life jeweler whose Dark Mouse jewelry shop is sorely missed, though still on Marketplace.  She has been busy lately in real life and her job as one of the jugglers in a traveling circus keeps her from doing as much in SL as she used to. 

Helena Stringer is one of the most creative hairdressers in Second Life, with her renowned Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine a go-to shop for the macabre and the avant-garde. Currently doing community service for breaking into Madame Tussaud’s to hang out with the exhibits, Helena has not posted her inaugural post.

Evangeline Darling: Evangeline or Sushi as some call her, has been playing Second Life since the early days of 2006. She started blogging in 2009, starting as a kid avatar blogger, and then eventually moving up to blog on her other avatars, Maki Shippe and Hushed Afterthought. She is just a bit on the crazy geeky side and spends her days taking fun photos and attempting to build. 

Isla Gealach: Isla is a cheeky little pea of a person. Well, actually, the creator of Cheeky Pea who had a yen for blogging and joined the team. What she does not want you to know is that in real life, she is a pea farmer, genetically modifying peas so that innocents who eat them will be prepared to welcome the coming alien invasion from Kepler 22B.

On Vacation/Hiatus (this means they can blog anytime they like)

Hatchy Mills is from Hong Kong, a graphic artist and Gidge’s SL daughter. She says, “Hello my friends~~i come from hong kong and I arrived in Second Life in 2007. I have had fair share of jobs in SL, everything from a dancer, skin and shape designer to photographer. I really loves the fact that in SL I can meet people from all around the world and now i work for moolto.com for their “more magazine” as layout artist. Here is the first blog in my life, in fact i don’t love to write but i love try^^”

Tristan Elan is looking for inspiration, but we will still let him hang out with us while he hunts.

Kelley Hanly is a sweetheart from the South who loves fashion and shopping. She’s full of sass and laughter exuding a joie de vivre that is enviable. Known to burst out into random song and dance,  we have a net handy in case she starts clogging.

Zasneny Dubrovna  joined Second Life in 2008 to explore its educational value.  However, on her first day she discovered the wonderful world of SL fashion and was hooked.  Educational what?  She changes hair colors more often than Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nymphadora Tonks combined, and her clothing inventory is ever-expanding.  

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