RIP Giulia: Cajsa’s tribute

This morning, after learning of Giulia’s passing, Cajsa posted a lovely tribute at the Love Donna Flora site:

I cannot say she “lost the battle” because she never wavered in her passion for life. There was no weakness of will that let cancer “win”. I hate that phrase because the only struggle people with a terminal cancer have is the struggle to live as well as they can and she won that struggle.


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RaineyWhat a sad day :-(
♔ Dolly♔:'-( I am so sorry for this .. she was such a beautiful woman, designer.. I wore her jewelry literally every day since I started in SL :-(
oOo OlaenkaI was just thinking last night about her and wondering how she was. I'm so sorry to know the world lost such a bright light.
AddySo sad she will be forever missed.
Monroe Jigsaw ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
AZEAmiliaTY for letting us know. Her designs are amazing. Spending time this AM looking at her Flickr stream - her design evolution is inspiring.
Thurinaoh no :-(
VakiOh, fuck. Fuck.
Misha one of my fave sets of jewelry was from her shop
Hervé Faenzo:'-(
♥ Alicia ♥I just saw someone say something about this. This is just so sad. :-(
/root/Hartworst new ever :-(
KerrythLate to hear this. Yesterday was just all jangly and teetery and something was wrong. Now I know why. Thank you for everything, Cajsa.
Mrs Yak Wise(cozy)

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