Fast Five: March 6th

Fast Five Today’s fast five includes advice for selling lindens that sounds like good advice for buying lindens as well, a fabulous post that was shot with real imagination and some other worthy things to check out.


  • How to Sell Lindens: Gogo explains how to maximize your money when selling lindens, though clearly the advice would also be useful for buying lindens, too. 
  • Underneath This Adolescent Sky: Magenta DeVinna blogs about the Pilot Dollhouse from The Arcade Gacha. You have to check out her photos. She used such with and creativity, that I am sure this is the best use of the Dollhouse ever.
  • Like Sisyphus, Only Not: This is an oh, wow! photo from Whiskey Monday. I know I just highlighted a post from her, but this is so good you don’t want to miss it just because I want to avoid repeating myself.
  • Blasphemy: From our own Hybie Minx, for her fabulous travel blog. This post makes me want to go shoot there right now. I particularly love the last picture. It’s so bold and graphically striking that I can see it as a fabulous background for a photo featuring an avant garde dress.
  • DJ Exclusive: Interview with…: Piedmont Cartauld has another exclusive DJ interview and you will never guess with whom. No clues, you have to go look.
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