Sobbing with new boots


5:30 AM. My cat is pissed that I got out of bed, but my mind was too full. Time for a stroll in the early morning light! My avatar is wearing new boots from Lassitude & Ennui, aptly called “Lazy” due to their comfort. And she’s clearly thinking about the last episode of North & South (BBC series), look at those pretty tears. The skin is a group gift from Ugly Duck, one of the Soko line.


Eyes: Shine silent lucidity spring
Watch: Miel troupe watch
Horns: Plastik ribboned arachzis in fool’s gold
Hair: Lamb Crystal Ball in left-brained
Sweater: Tres Blah preppy sweater in yellow
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui lazy boots in oxblood
Skin: Ugly Duck group gift Soko in Goodbye Jack
Tights: So Many Styles braid knit tights in mustard
Skirt: So Many Styles high waist tweed skirt in rust

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AchaOMG my shadows work because of Cajsa. (heart)

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