Elfboy in violet

That right there is a violet suit.

Nomine has new mesh suits for sale. When I took my animus here to check them out, my cursor paused over the black one, and then the red one, and then I thought: AM I A MAN OR A FAKE MAN IN SL? And so I bought the violet one. I’m wearing it with a great violet skin from Plastik, the Averian Elven – Wisteria skin. I’m pimpin’ enough for any old urban decay.

So yeah, I’m challenging myself to blog as my boy avatar all month. Just so you know, boy-Acha is a queer Elf and his boy parts totally match his skin color. He abides by the life rules that his old friend Catero told him once, via Dr. Seuss: “Be who you are and feel what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” He’ll be back.

Welcome back, hi-rez photos. I missed you.

Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in pink
Ears: AITUI type 2 stretched ears, small fantasy
Nails: Mandala male short nails
Suit: Nomine mesh suit in lilac
Hair (prim) Atro Patena – Josef in black
Hair (tattoo): JOMO etched hair 02a
Skin: Plastik Averian Elven – Wisteria – Plain
Horns: Illusions Runed Horns: Aries
Boots: GRASP layered leather boots – black
Scarf: Artilleri Taylor scarf in stripes, purple & apricot
Nose ring: Ephemeral Captive – bead nose ring (3 bead)

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最近的 plurk 回應:
CostCo ♔ Oscarhahaha, we were writing and posting in unison!!!
Achacajsa, i finally remembered to check "iheartsl" (kiss)
CostCo ♔ OscarI thought only Gidge and I did that.
Achad'oh!! want me to hold mine back? i hate shoving you from first place.
CostCo ♔ Oscarno, it really makes no difference.
AchaI think I'm inspired by the boy avvie :-D;
CostCo ♔ OscarGidge & I simulpost all the time.
Achahaha, i notice that. it's a race! <3
CostCo ♔ OscarIOF readers know that there's more than one post a day and will page down. I never worry about who's on first - so to speak.
Achahaha, cool <3
AchaI love IOF's diversity.
CostCo ♔ OscarMe, too!
CostCo ♔ OscarCool sign on the train tunnel.

3 thoughts on “Elfboy in violet

  1. Achariya Post author

    Haha — it’s a great sim for that postapocalyptic-feeling urban environment, the sim Urban Decay.

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