Come hunt with me


Brains brains brains… It’s tough to remember where I put them after a day of chemotherapy, but luckily Acha’s Animus (boy soul, Jungian term) seems to have ’em for me. He’s in my newest acquisition from Lassitude & Ennui (for the challenge). OK, Jackal might have handed me something even newer, but (to tease you) I can’t blog it until next week. These boots totally suit my Animus’ incarnation as a Deer-shifter. Right? “Come. Run with me and my reindeer this Christmas.” Lol.


Boots: Lassitude & Ennui suede boots in latte
Antlers: Illusions Reindeer Antlers
Staff: Spell Fire Wooden Combat Staff with battle HUD
Eyes: Poetic Colors Autumn – Oak
Hair: Maitreya Natalie – Almond
Skin: Redgrave Tyler – Tan / 05 fullbeard
Outfit: Chaospire Druid outfit
Tattoos: HUZ henna fusion, henna reborn, and rosary neck

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