Very wee


Today while pondering that a few thousand people were trying to get into an area that can comfortably fit 32, I decided to put on my Petite avatar again. I love the one by Mynerva (so happy that I can change the skin any odd color that I want), and soon I was off hunting Petite stuff. I was so happy to find that Balderdash has a line of headpieces for Petites! Wasabi Pills hair, too. And *fingersnap* used up all my Gatcha moneys!

Boots: Moonstruck petite brocade shoes in black
Hair: Wasabi Pills Amandine Petite Mesh Hair – deep ocean
Headpiece: Balderdash Waldgeist petite headpiece
Outfit: Blue Blood Diana petite outfit
Avatar: Mynerva petite light drow

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