Zodiac – Scorpio

Zodiac is open, with lots of goodies for everyone (not just the Scorpio folks)!

Zodiac - Scorpio
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This is a really great round with a variety of styles.  I am in love with the two pairs of shoes I bought – the Ingenue pumps with their swirly Scorpio design, and the Decoy ankle boots are both amazing.  Pink Outfitters offers a cute strapless top with a peplum bottom, which I’ve “toughened” a little with leather pants and the Decoy boots.  Bilo has a great sweater dress, which I really like with heavy tights and the Ingenue pumps.  Last but not least, Alice Project has released the Steph hair in two versions – with retro bangs or without.

Catch a ride to Zodiac and check out the event for yourself!


(credits from left to right)

Hair: Alice Project “Steph II” *Zodiac – Scorpio
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Peach)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Lip Tint – Nude)
Dress: Bilo “Hiba” (Amber) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Tights: GField “Basic Color Tights” (Navy)
Shoes: Ingenue “Scorpius” (Water) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pose: Marukin (Flambe pack) *Collabor88 – October

Hair: Alice Project “Steph” *Zodiac – Scorpio
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Peach)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Lip Glaze – Plush)
Top: Pink Outfitters “Jenny Strapless Blouse” (Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pants: Tres Blah “Leather Leggings” (Black)
Shoes: Decoy “Reuxi Ankle Boots” (Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui “Scorpio Key Necklace” (Gold/Red) *Zodiac – Scorpio
Pose: Marukin (Flambe pack) *Collabor88 – October

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