Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Belly-dancing at Zaara's

So I went to Zaara’s new sim tonight, eager to see what someone with her eye for texture detail, depth and love of warm, vibrant colors would do with an entire sim to play with. Oh my! Please give her more sims to decorate. It’s beautiful and vibrant and lively and I had fun exploring… and dancing in the dance hall across from the main store. Just click on the carpet and you will be dancing as well as Salome.

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The Velvet

Every Sunday afternoon finds me at the Velvet – the marvelous indie music club on the Downtown sim.  The Velvet is a favorite club for many reasons, not least that there are no gesture addicts there. People actually have conversations with each other so it’s not silenced by IM private chat either.  By and large, people are generally pleasant and friendly though a few are self-proclaimed music snobs. There’s a lot of music conversation and folks have a good time. There’s no dress code and people generally come as they are. This is what I wore this Sunday while dancing the afternoon away.

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